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Alpha Academy


AAL established the Alpha Academy in 2021 to mentor young men  (8th – 12th) in the Essex County area. In supporting the fraternity’s national programs, “Project Alpha” and “Go to High School–Go to College,” the Alpha Academy serves as a venue to stimulate the educational, cultural, and personal growth of young men beyond the scope of the normal high school curriculum. The objective of the Alpha Academy is to offer enriching experiences for young men to expand their network with like-minded achievers and mentors, and further develop skills through a variety of civic, educational, and cultural activities.


The motto for Alpha Academy: Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested


Various programming touch on at least one of these topics:

  1. High School/College: Becoming clear on high school preparation graduation requirements and the role of grades in future educational/employment opportunities.

  2. Goal Setting: How to use information learned to make short-range and long-range plans for improvement and success. Identification of a goal to strive for.

  3. Tutoring/Mentoring: Group or individual academic assistance provided to scholars.

  4. Cultural Enrichment: Broadening the horizons of our scholars by exposing them to different types/styles of art, music, literature and in different settings

  5. Current Events: Broadening the horizons of the scholars by exposing them to public policy issues of their times (e.g., redistricting of congressional districts, policing, etc.)

  6. Historical Perspectives: Broadening the horizons of our scholars by exposing them to our history and culture

  7. Career Guidance/Counseling: What is required to pursue various careers, as well as expose them to industry leaders in the brotherhood.

  8. Entrepreneurship: Discussion or hands-on activities that enable youth to learn about business/how to run a business. Encourages entrepreneurial spirit.

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